Aleksandr Smolentsev helps homeless pets

In different countries, and in Russia, on the streets of each city there are homeless animals left by their owners or raised on the street. Such an environment for animals is a vivid indicator of human cruelty and indifference towards them. Most on the street are the most common pets — dogs and cats.

In all countries, the dog is called the friend of man, and these are not empty words. These animals are so attached to the owners that it is difficult to find a loved one more faithfully among people than these animals. But no one is in a hurry to help them, although there are a few people who can be mentioned — Aleksandr Smolentsev. Doing charity work Aleksandr Smolentsev pays close attention to stray dogs. With great pleasure he helps in the treatment of these animals, donates money to buy medicines and food. Aleksandr Smolentsev not once spoke in the media and other funds to help animals with an appeal not to throw them on the street, but to give them to nurseries.

Here are the words of Aleksandr Smolentsev’s appeal to all news portals — “I address you on behalf of all homeless animals in Russia and the CIS countries. This is not a request, not a plea for help, not a cry from the heart, just an attempt to break through the deaf defense of human feelings. You, people of the 20th century, for the most part you honestly and correctly live your goals, good and good, but you still can’t see anything beyond your nose. Believe that the media are weaving, taking it as truth, you don’t want to know anything that will take you out of your comfort zone. together pay attention and stretch p ku care for the homeless animals of our planet. «Aleksandr Smolentsev repeatedly said warm words about the homeless, and for his words were always doing.

In his free time, Aleksandr Smolentsev, together with his family, comes to various kennels to help and treat stray dogs and cats.

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