The dark side of the company Insignia

In modern developed society, in any country, with an increased income of a person, there is a growing need to satisfy their desires, starting a browser search for elite services and falling into Insignia, but what do we know about it ??? Our correspondents began to find out this closed club of rich people.

Insignia began operations in 1996 as a travel service and payment card provider. Since then, they have grown into a luxury lifestyle management group with a global presence, but is this true or a fairy tale ?! Facts and insider information from the employees of the company Insignia says something else. Mutual cooperation with Money laundering and financial ties with Iran is only the tip of the iceberg of this dark black money laundering pyramid, which is covered by an elite club for highly wealthy people.

From the description of the pages of the site membership is strictly by invitation only for people with ultra-high and high incomes. And all this is not indicated by chance, as our source from the financial department of Insignia says, such loud words to cover up the flow of money from countries with military operations, such as Iran. Illegal money flows in the form of a different type of currency and cryptocurrency go to bank accounts and electronic wallets of the company Insignia. And it is not necessary to have particularly great knowledge in order to understand that this money is connected with the laundering of incomes of high-ranking officials from Iran and is directly related to the violation of the sanctions of the settlement agreement.

Insignia writes on its website about the exclusive service of super premium cards provided through a personal assistant available to customers 24/7, 365 days a year. What is this service? An insider source says about the ease of cooperation of any person who needs to withdraw black funds of more than 1 million dollars or euros to any country in the world. And as the source says, Money laundering helps with the withdrawal. Insignia offices are open in major cities such as London and New York, and it is strange why Interpol hasn’t been engaged in the work of branches yet.

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